NEWSLETTER   February 3, 2012

     I wanted to touch base with you all on two Risk Management issues.  First, a North Carolina player was killed by a falling goal post.  While this was not a US Youth incident, the risk of severe injury and death from a falling goal is one we must address.  Please make sure to check that all the goals your teams use for games and practices are properly anchored and instruct your coaches to never allow players to move a goal.  If they feel a goal is unsafe, they should move their practice from the goal area and if it is at a game field they should not allow their players to compete. Please make sure that the League is notified of any unsafe conditions.

     Next, as many of you know, Sean Ochoa has been tried, convicted, sentenced and will always be a registered sex offender.  PCJSL wants to promote professional communication and high standards for all of our coaches.  We also want to remind you that creating a culture of safety and appropriate behavior not only protects our players -- it also protects our coaches.

     We will be including a Risk Management presentation in our mandatory coaches' meetings at the beginning of the 2012-2013 season.  Pat Dunham, our registrar, is the Risk Management Director for Region IV and gives Risk Management presentations at the National US Youth Soccer workshop.  If you would like something done specifically for your club, feel free to contact Pat and she will be happy to work with you.

     Last, you can order the US Youth Risk Management brochure which covers many of the issues in Risk Management through the AYSA office at no charge.  These can be given to your administrators, coaches and families.

     Please join PCJSL in keeping our players safe.

    Jeff Welliver

   President PJCSL